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Oparo Ltd is an algorithm-based property investment company, that trades in stressed property assets. An experienced Executive committee (led by Toby Wilde and Babak Gharbi) has been assembled representing 150 years of property investment involvement, with professional teams set up and the algorithm refined.

Oparo has developed a platform to speed up, simplify and "quality control" deal appraisals. The nature of financially-stressed assets means that the greatest discounts can be achieved when you are a cash purchaser able to move quickly. 


The Oparo algorithm combines thousands of data points, machine learning and Bayesian logic to identify financially stressed assets before the point of financial distress, allowing them to potentially acquire them prior to the appointment of an administrator or receiver.  This early engagement should enable Oparo to acquire the properties below market value and reduce the possibility of a bidding war and allow Oparo to complete a higher volume of transactions compared to a traditional Real Estate company. 

Oparo's plan for the future is to grow its assets under management, increase the gross development values and begin new build developments. 


Oparo target properties that are 20% below market value. Of particular interest to Oparo is Planning Uplifts (particularly commercial conversions), change of use and brownfield land. The algorithm produces a number of the increasingly rare Permitted Development (PD) sites across the UK and these properties allow Oparo to capitalise on both planning uplift and conversion/refurbishment margins.  


To see Bond Offer Document please click link below.
Target Bond Raise:  £2,000,000
Bond Term:  36 Months
Bond Interest Rate: 9%
Profit Share: 10% (In addition to the 9% coupon bond holders are entitled to 10% of bond project net profits on redemption) 
Payout Frequency; 1st year annual, then next 2 years bi-annual
Minimum Investment; £10,000 - IFISA funds accepted


- Custodian authorised by FCA
- First charge on asset
- Debenture against Oparo Ltd

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Toby Wilde

Commercial Director & Founder
Toby comes from a family of developers, carving his own path in the property industry after his studies.  He started his career in sales a a highly respected local estate agency.  Following the 2008 global financial crisis, Toby specialised in the high-volume lettings and management sector, working for London's John Hollingsworth, and Kinleigh, Folkar & Hayward.  Toby rose to a senior position before launching his own boutique agency in 2010.  At its peak, he managed more than two hundred properties.  He exited to study International Business Management at Oxford Brookes University. 

As a developer and a development consultant, he has contributed to numerous projects with a combined GDV of over £18m.  Toby was one of the founders of, a revolutionary property data aggregating platform, which became one of the UK's largest centralised property data platforms.  He regularly comments on industry trends and speaks at events about real estate, developments and investment.

Babak Gharbi

Managing Director
Babak is an investment banker with 30 years of sales, trading and management.  He has built, grown and managed teams for a number of large investment banks, developing successful businesses for the likes of Lehman, Citigroup and HSBC, as the Managing Director.  His expertise ranges from Listed Derivatives across assets, to global market analysis on a macro level, to bond options. 

Outside of investment banking, Babak was a partner at GID, responsible for business development in the Russian automotive sector and a partner at EuroAsia, an investment boutique in partnership with Deutsche Bank, focusing on the Iranian market.  He has a degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Alternative Energy.

Phil Glenn

Director of Construction
Phil is a second generation builder who grew up developing properties within the prestigious area of Oxfordshire.  He has over 25 years experience within the construction industry including being considered a historical and listed building specialist.  Some of his projects include Buckingham Palace, Blenheim Palace, Windsor Castle and Oxford University.  Phil joined Aspect, London's largest property maintenance company, directing North London projects.  His experience within the construction industry includes project management, budgeting, scheduling, sourcing and liaising with outside authorities and professionals. 

Phil served with the Royal Marines and Special forces where his work ethic and convergent thinking earned him the honour of a core commission and he left as a decorated officer.  Phil studied Business Management at Oxford Brookes University.

Alexander Shepherd

Director of Investor Relations
Alexander is responsible for overseeing and driving fundraising activity, communication with investors and identifying strategic partnerships. He has over 20 years of experience dealing with both U.K. and overseas private investors and institutions, across both real estate and finance sectors. A Commercial Property Broker over 8 years, with King Sturge, Strutt & Parker and Millar Kitching, he was involved in c£1bn of transactions. Notably he acquired a trophy office building in Glasgow for £45m and a £200m Office Portfolio, on behalf of a Fund. He has also worked in Finance with NM Rothschild’s Private Office and Entrepreneurs Team at Coutts, most recently he was Head of Investor Relations at WMG Advisors LLP. Alexander brings experience in taking his own start up from inception right through to launch. He has a degree in Real Estate Management, and holds various Finance qualifications.

Caryn Yuen

Compliance Officer
Caryn brings considerable legal and compliance expertise to the team.  She is a dually qualified barrister and solicitor (currently non-practising) with significant experience in regulatory compliance, amassed over a decade from working at various financial institutions.  More recently, Caryn was the COO of Century Spaces, a private real estate company focused on residential development projects with a gross development value of £4.6m. 

She currently provides legal, compliance and operational support to a number of growing businesses in the real estate industry.  She is a law graduate from the University of Sheffield and a Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment, Diploma in Investment Compliance holder.

John Corey

Advisory Board Member
John is an avant-garde of Silicon Valley.  He worked for Hewlett Packard, NeXT computers reporting directly to Steve Jobs and consulted on the creation of LinkedIn.  He also held Director roles at financial institutions including UBS and EGG plc, developing trading platforms for them.

John is the Managing Member of Chelsea Private Equity LLC and the founder of Property Fortress.  He has 35 years of real estate experience, managing a global personal portfolio.  He is an expert in Crowdfunding and innovation Deal Funding and teaches real estate strategies through Property Fortress.  John studied Artificial Intelligence at Stanford.

Helen Chorley

Advisory Board Member
Helen is a well recognised and highly respected name in the real estate investment community and her opinion is highly sought after from both developers and fellow investors alike.  She has been involved in finance and investment for over 20 years, and the combined experiences gained on the trading floor of JP Morgan and in the running of her own real estate investment company, has given her a deep understanding of the financials behind the deals she invests in.  She is meticulous in deal due diligence, the results of which can be seen in her consistent track record of selecting profitable deals.  Her current portfolio of investment projects have a combined GDV of over £50m.

Helen is a regular speaker at events on Crowdfunding and real estate investment.  She holds an MA in Politics, Philosophy and Economics from Oxford University.

Some investments on this website are only available to investors who meet certain net worth or investment sophistication criteria.