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Wolborough Street is the developer COYNE Group's third “Retirement opportunity”, although it is the first of the three accomplishing a full planning status. We are building 38 Luxury retirement apartments right in the centre of the bustling town of Newton Abbot in Devon. 

This development looks to provide an additional option for retired residents by offering affordable purpose-built retirement apartments in a popular retirement location.  

In this first phase we are looking to raise 
£850,000.00 with a projected return of 25.5% ROI over 18 months. This £850,000 target is part of the first phase of a total raise for the project. The total raise for completion will be £2,848,800.  A minimum investment of £25,000 can be made into this development by purchasing shares in the projects SPV.  The GDV of Wolborough Street is  £10,143,400.00, and exit will be achieved through a yield-based sale to one of our institutional partners. This development will not be sold as individual units.

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Wolborough Street is being constructed across four floors with commercial space available for rent in a proportion of the bottom floor (accessible by the main through-fares to the left and right of the building).  Throughout the remaining floors we have a range of one and two bedroom apartments designed to a stunning specification, with the high-quality, high-spec kitchen, bathrooms and living room fixtures and fittings provided by our partners.  Designing a living space which is a joy to reside in has been a priority throughout this project, with many apartments featuring their own private in-set balcony.

Retirement - Extraordinary Growth Sector

A major supply/demand imbalance in the UK Senior Living market has created an excellent opportunity for investors, developers and operators to make returns meaningfully in excess of those available from investing in competing asset classes. (Source: Knight Frank, 2017)

"There is significant central and local government interest in addressing Senior Living Housing shortage issue with the concomitant benefit of alleviating the current domestic care crisis in the UK" (NIck Boles - Former Planning Minister)


Projected ROI 25.5% over 18 months
Equity raise requirement for the COYNE project -  
Equity raise required for this offer - £850,000
Minimum raise required - £850,000

This is in the second part of the investment- (the build out).
The SPV name is; Newton Abbot Developments Ltd. . 

The minimum raise of £850,000 will enable us to get the project started (see breakdown below) and the remainder will be used for ongoing construction and repatriating the existing planning gain investors, by way of capital & uplift, thus clearing the SPV for the build out module. This £850,000 target is part of the first phase of the total raise for this project. The total raise for this project is £2,848,800. In the unlikely event we do not reach our Maximum £2,850,000 we have advanced negotiations with lenders and Heads of Terms in place to put senior debt in place but it is not anticipated this will cause any delay to the project or investment returns. 

Min Raise - £850,000
- £510k Bridge redemption
- £100k Coyne Fees from the planning flip
- £190k Construction costs
- £  50k Contingency

No investment equity is received by the developer; investment funds are processed through the LEOpropcrowd crowdfunding platform and are sent directly to the SPV independent bank account managed by RGH Accountancy. 

For full financials see attached document

Regents House Residential Development, Barnstaple, North Devon

Coyne Group UK Ltd have previously raised funds through property crowdfunding.  £1,694,303 was successfully raised to convert
 a 2839 m sq (30554 ft sq) 4-storey office building in Devon, into 31 one and two bedroom residential units, with the ground floor being converted from commercial to retail space.  This experience in dealing with property investors on a crowdfunding platform is valuable for this new project. 

Mike Coyne


With over 25 years property development experience, Mike is perfectly placed to lead Coyne Group. Mike has personally completed a large variety of different schemes with a combined value of over £100 million.

Being well connected in agency circles, this provides access & first refusal on a wide range of site opportunities. Mike has previously specialised in land purchase and securing planning permission for developments designated for change of purpose.

Mike is well accustomed to the student accommodation market and has successfully completed a number of high quality student accommodation schemes with a modern specification and contemporary feel. Mike has exposure to all types of development opportunities and has superb vision when identifying high value schemes that possess the best return potential.

One of Mike’s key strengths is his ability to look several steps ahead, ensuring the next investment opportunity generates returns over and above investor and business expectation. He is involved with all aspects of the company with a key focus on its future development.

Paul Glen

Investment Consultant

We’re very excited to introduce Paul Glen, our newest member of the Coyne team. Paul joins us with the primary focus of strengthening our investment team, by leveraging his considerable experience working with investors and property projects across South East Asia. Paul will spearhead our international growth and develop our global network of investment partners.

Lloyd Ayers

Compliance Manager

Lloyd joined Coyne from a senior management position in a highly recommended private mortgage advisor in the South West. Unsurprisingly, mortgage advisors must provide a financially compliant service from start to finish and across multiple touch points. Lloyd uses this experience to shape and craft Coyne policy and procedure.

Stephen Jefferies

Financial Director

Stephen joined Coyne early in 2017 and has spent his career delivering high value projects with both national contractors and regional businesses. Being the lead across these multi-million pound schemes, Stephen has developed the core skills that allows him to lead the financial function of Coyne, with his main emphasis on the viability of our projects. Taking direct responsibility for all financial aspects of deal structure and project delivery, Stephen ensures the success of our projects.

Ben Reynolds

Marketing Manager

Ben who joined Coyne in 2017, is tasked with the on-going development of the Coyne brand across online and traditional channels and actively managing the marketing and sales content of our investments.  Having worked in a variety of sectors including FMCG, Healthcare and Motorsport, Ben excels in developing targeted campaigns geared to increase brand awareness and company revenue.

Some investments on this website are only available to investors who meet certain net worth or investment sophistication criteria.