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Following 11 years of growth, the founders of Your Property Network (YPN) magazine are making some of their shares available for purchase to YPN readers, friends and family, and those in the wider property community.  If you are interested in owning shares in Your Property Network you can invest from £100 to £100,000.

Your Property Network magazine is one of the UK’s leading publications for active property investors and developers and those seeking to make money, thereby securing their financial freedom through property. 

Listen to what the Founders have to say about the magazine:

Our first edition was back in July 2008 and we now print and post circa 10,000 magazines every month.  The ethos behind YPN back then was very straightforward -  'To share what successful property investors and developers were doing to make money in the depths of a property market crash'.

Although the property market changes, the ethos of YPN remains the same; to share the experience and ideas of those active in the UK property market, so we can all learn. YPN covers pretty much every property strategy. From buy-to-let, HMO’s, serviced accommodation, new build developments, commercial to residential conversions and more. We interview those that are out there “walking the walk”.  

Since our launch initially as just a magazine, we now have an on-line subscribers membership site containing hundreds of hours of videos, audio recordings and back catalogue of articles. YPN runs a successful property podcast, weekly webinars and discussions with UK property investors and developers and an active Facebook group.  

YPN’s editorial team and Directors are also experienced property investors and developers and we use this experience to dig deep and really understand a deal/strategy.   The magazine also has a panel of guest writers made up of property professionals, including specialist property tax consultants, planning consultants, architects, solicitors, letting agents and landlord advice specialists.

Please note that as with all investments, your capital is at risk and returns are not guaranteed.  Investors should read the full Risk warning by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page before deciding to invest.

Share Offer

We (Ant and Mike) are selling up to 50% of our shares in YPN, enabling those who work in the business, friends and family and YPN readers to share in our success.

With management accounts estimating profits in excess of £500,000 for year ending April 2019, a share in YPN can potentially deliver over 10% returns from a magazine you know and understand, a product you believe in and a company with a track record of delivering success.
The company’s share volume as at completion of the Offer will consist of 40,000 shares: Ant and Mike are offering for sale, up to 20,000 A shares for the sum of £100 per share.
Minimum level of investment is £100 and at the discretion of Ant and Mike, a maximum level of investment of £100,000.

The shares in YPN are currently delivering around 10% return on capital. YPN will be declaring and paying on account of estimated dividends on a quarterly basis with payment 1 month in arrears.

Returns are not guaranteed. Past performance and Forecast results are not a reliable indicator of future outcomes. 

Ant Lyons

YPN Co-Founder
My property story:
Landlord, investor and developer for 15+ years. I have a sizeable BTL portfolio and am also a director of Your Property Developments Ltd, with Mike.

At YPN:  
Mike and I launched the magazine after the 2008 crash to profile how people were making money from property. I love talking to investors and developers, learning from them and sharing ideas.

Beyond bricks and mortar: 
Skiing, holidays, Crossfit, spending time with my family, ferrying my eight-year old twins around, walking the dogs, enjoying the odd cider in west country pubs.

Mike Kyte

YPN Co-Founder
My property story:
 Involved with residential and commercial investment and development for the past ten years.

Finance director – I’m really proud to have overseen ten years of fabulous growth in a truly exceptional property magazine. Ant and I worked closely together on all aspects in the early days but recently I’ve spent more time on sales, marketing and new products.

Beyond bricks and mortar:
International yacht racing, fine dining, spending time with friends and family.

Some investments on this website are only available to investors who meet certain net worth or investment sophistication criteria.